greek cappie

Greek came back with all of the joy, pep, and hi-jinks we love. The episode started near the end, and then pulled us backwards in time. After all, we really needed an explanation for twelve sorority girls dressed up like princesses burying something in the woods. It’s not Halloween, yanno? But of course, those in the Greek system don’t need Halloween to have a costume party. And for that, I envy them. If I could go around dressed up like a gypsy tomorrow – tomorrow’s odds of being awesome? They’d skyrocket.

greek abcAnyway, nothing was more delicious than seeing our ZBZ’s in their Fairytale outfits, prancing around the woods. It was adorable. But did you catch the hint the show planted? Casey lost her tiara in the woods. Plus she threw the shovel behind them, didn’t cover the fresh upturned dirt, and wouldn’t burning or destroying the clipboard be the safest way to cover their tracks?!? …Oh yea, they’re guilty. It was confirmed. And even when they ‘weren’t sure’ they were guilty, they knew they were. I have no idea how any of them made it through three weeks without breaking down. Holding secrets about arson seems stressful. Luckily, I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Casey and Cappie are now together, so the show has to find new problems for them. This time, it was them not communicating. They’re ten kinds of cute together, and I felt kind of smug when Evan saw them dancing together and froze. …Of course, I felt really awful for Rebecca, who he had been very obviously about to kiss! We know Rebecca/Evan are going to happen, and I think they’re perfect for each other. But Evan needs to get over – and stay over – Casey, for that to work. greek casey

A relationship I don’t foresee going well is Calvin and his newly-outed boyfriend, Grant. Grant seems to have trouble every step of the way. Pretty sure he’s going to disappoint Calvin soon.

The next episode of Greek is (drum roll please): Pride and Punishment

The ZBZ’s hear that their candle is responsible for the Gamma Psi fire, and Casey cracks under the guilt, putting the house in danger. Hoping to cheer up the house and boost her marketing major, Ashleigh enlists Rusty and Dale in a philanthropic “Geek Auction”, but Casey is the one who has to play dirty to save the house. Can Casey save the day? Meanwhile, Rusty is the Engineering star after winning the Wyatt Grant. Ashleigh uses the “Geek Auction” to win him a date with a hot sorority girl, but she turns Rusty into a monster instead of the perfect “Geek” boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Cappie are fighting over the last spot in the “Human Sexuality” class. Also Cappie tries to come to terms with Evan and Rebecca’s new relationship.