Because she’s so spontaneous, Grace Askew is so interesting to listen to. She performed “I Can’t Stand the Rain” on The Voice 2013.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

Song Choice:
“I Can’t Stand the Rain”
Tina Turner

She wanted to show her bluesey/soulful side. But she had to enunciate the words more with her song.

Her black fringe skirt! Oh, it was everything. I loved her whole retro look, and her whole soulful vibe… I really like her sound. That’s the kind of music I want to listen to when I want to connect to my inner-self and really think. (She reminds me of KT Tunstall, somehow…)

“I think that you’re a unique talent.” – Usher

Shakira wanted Grace to win the round.

Usher said she was too unpredictable.

Sadly, she lost to The Swan Brothers.


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