Read over the highlights for Gossip Girl “The Fugitives” as soon as you get yourself a descent pair of handcuffs. Every good girl has a pair, remember.

Gossip Girl “The Fugitives” Review

Blair lounging around and answering the Humphrey phone in such an official capacity (she’s polite in most circles) was adorable.
“Blair Waldorf speaking.” Don’t you want something like that as your outgoing voicemail message? You may not be able to stand up to your Mom (or whoever intimidates you), but Blair Waldrorf can!

Instead of being angry at Serena for being the illustrious Gossip Girl, Blair’s reaction was priceless.
Think of the power they could have wielded together on the iron throne!… Er, wrong show. Do you not watch Game of Thrones? I doubt Blair or Serena would, but Dan would for sure.

Serena posing as Blair wasn’t as magnetic as it could have been…
But it was still a fun moment. But why the headband? Blair’s done with headbands and onto these inexplicable grieving widow chignons, people.

I refer to this next bit as the “imaginary orange moment.”
We may not all love Ivy and Lola, but when they dress up as twin prostitutes and pretend to throw oranges…it’s damn fun.

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