From Gossip Girl season 4 spoiler pictures, we know that Serena and Blair will have a catfight in a fountain, and at some point Serena gets pushed into the fountain. But this isn’t something new!  Oh, no no no. It’s a tried and true method that TV shows (mostly soap opera’s) have been using since the 80’s. So, just how well will Blair and Serena’s fight stack up to some of the greats?

Meester, Lively? We hope you took some notes before your scene.

And a note to Jerry Springer: why didn’t you ever invested in putting a shallow lily pond on your set? There were so many missed opportunities!

Alexis and Krystle from Dynasty fight in a fountain full of lily pads:

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Paulina and Vicki from Another World fight in a fountain while in bridesmaid gear:

Reva and Jon  (from ? – we don’t actually watch soap operas) have a heated confrontation as Jon sloshes in a fountain:

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