Between Byzantine warfare and goats there were a lot of great quotes to choose from. And here are the very best quotes from Gossip Girl, “The Revengers” for you to peruse at your leisure aka “procrastination time”!

blake lively 2013

Of course it is…

Dan: I don’t need a beday.
Georgina: It’s for me.

There’s time for this…

Blair: Do one thing before you go, kiss me Chuck Bass.

A potential new job?
Georgina: There’s a whole untapped niche in Schemers for Hire.

Blair: Bart Bass may be able to fool the FBI but he’s never had to face off against Blair Waldorf and her Bitches.

The same thing always happens to us!
Blair: Apparently my town car has been absconded by a ruthless billionaire, so if you’d please send another, preferably with different, less devious driver…

It’s hard to imagine him looking bad…
Sage: TMZ leaked your mug shot and you looked really cute.

Disheartening as ever…
Sage: I go to Constance, I know an eating disorder when I see it.

She is a superhero, is how!

Nate: I don’t know how Clare Danes does this, spying hurts my head.

You don’t hear this every day…
Chuck: You aggravated him with your topless antics.

Metaphor time!
Blair: We need you to be the goat.

Is that why all these kids are so smart?

Ivy: Am I the only one who didn’t study Byzantine warfare?

Photo: The CW