Every episode of Gossip Girl has its handful of absurdities, and we’ve compiled the most notorious offenders from Season 6 Episode 7 – “Save the Last Chance.”

  • Nelly Yuki just waltzes in, uninvited, to deliver a few catty lines to Blair. Then she leaves. Everything about it is hilarious. The timing, the words, the very idea that a WWD writer would come to be like that
  • Ivy swans in just at the right time to meet Bart and Chuck in a stand-off. And Ivy’s secret love is Lily’s ex husband – William. Ivy is once again THE WORST.
  • Bart Bass talks to Lily on the phone, and in the background a gaggle of nuns walk by. WHAT.
  • Sage says no one reads Gossip Girl, but then the minute a new blast goes up she’s all over it.

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  • Lily divorces Rufus, hates all over him, then appeals to his empathy to have him help her get incriminating files so that her old-new husband won’t go to jail. Rufus may be a Saint, but who’s THAT nice?
  • Dan only has to waltz around and apologize to people (briefly) to his Dad and Nate, and all is well. So easy! Just add lukewarm sentiment and voila.
  • Ivy has one piece of collateral, a microfilm in an envelope. So of course it’s tucked 1/3 of the way out of her purse, just left lying around. Is it any surprise that it got stolen?
  • Chuck couldn’t be less removed from Blair and her troubles, and he always leaves her  standing alone. But this is supposed to be the epic love story on the show.
  • Ivy decides to put a robe on to cover herself, but then leaves it tied open to show half the bra anyway. How modest.
  • The idea that girls who already wear private school uniforms would spend beacoup bucks on street fashion that’s modeled after not-quite-vintage private school uniform designs from Constance Billard? Nuts.
  • Because Chuck didn’t put his father in jail,, he failed his side of the pact and then decides not to be with Blair once again. He always has a selfish reason to wallow in self-pity and leave her standing alone. Meanwhile, Serena and Dan had obstacles that they defeated in one day before they decided they could be together.

What tops your list as the most odd item on this list from the episode?