Here are the best Gossip Girl quotes from season 6 episode 6, titled “Where the Vile Things Are.”

But ouldn’t it be great if it was?
Eleanor at seeing the line of workers waiting for her:
What is this, Downton Abby? Back to work!

Why be so hard on Dan?
Dorota to Blair:
Hell have no fury like a Lonley Boy scorned.

Don’t be so sure of that, Blair…
Blair to her Mother about her dueling sides:
My Grace Kelly can defeat my Grace Jones, no problem.

Truer words…
Eleanor Waldorf to Blair:
You are running my business like you’re still the meanest girl in high school.

He summed it up pretty well…
Nate to Serena about Dan:
Do not tell me in some twisted turn of events that sex tape made you miss him.

We hope you can’t relate…
Dan to Serena, after making up:
That storage unit I kept packed of old resentments was getting pretty full.

Photo Credit: The CW. Gossip Girl Season 6 Quotes.