During Gossip Girl “It Girl, Interrupted,” Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley proved why the coupling of Dair is oh-so-sweet.

penn badgley

Princess Blair and Pauper Dan

It’s hard to believe that more people won’t see the merits of Dair (Dan/Blair) after the scene last night where Dan helped Blair feel like a princess one last time.

Of course, is it really the only time she’s felt like a princess? We often spy Blair in a ballgown, decked in jewels, waltzing around the upper east side! Either way, the images of Dan and Blair playing at princess are iconic for Gossip Girl fans who love romance.

Lola vs Serena

Someone needs to tell Serena that the way to prove that she’s not manipulative and evil like the rich person stereotype in Lola’s head is to, uh, not manipulate her!

Serena went from hating Gossip Girl to becoming her. How…what? We have to admit we’re interested in seeing how Serena and Lola both vying to be IT girls will end. (If there’s need for a new IT girl, wouldn’t people look to a younger demographic rather than someone who’s already in Serena’s age-bracket?)

Either way, trying to relieve yourself of pressure by putting the burden on your estranged cousin is just not cool.

Lily the Diva

Turns out Lily can’t sleep without her 5million thread count sheets. Damn the law! Damn Rufus. She’ll do whatever she wants. The ice cold villainess is back.

A Gentler, Tamer Chuck Bass

In his quest to do good and find his Mother (or, okay, the mystery blood donor), don’t expect to see a lot of debauchery. A bit of law-breaking? Sure. Snooze!

Are you still pro Chair or pro Dair? How can we convert you?

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