Here are the top highlights of Gossip Girl “Despicable B.”

leighton meester

Blair’s catty sniping about Kim Kardashian seemed well deserved.
But we will always love Blair (and her awful attitude) more than Kim.

Rufus calling out Lily for not letting marriage be a partnership.
She’s really become a villain this season. So has her daughter!

Nate finally coming to the conclusion we already had about Diana not really being Chuck’s Mom.
Of course, he had to blow off Lola.

Blair Waldorf’s own show and handbag collection.
Who wouldn’t want to see this?!

“Down Dorota.”
Heh, heh. It’s wrong, but we laugh.

Blair’s orange floral dress.
With cool back cut-out.

Serena’s bipolar personality was in full effect for this episode.
She’s nice, she’s mean, she’s angry, she’s happy… she’s going to be psychotic soon.

Nate’s comical seduction of Elizabeth.
He’s really not a natural actor. Although…shirtless…nvm…yum.

The idea that family style eating is truly so abhorrent to Lily.
Is it so wrong? Or cna we only do it at Bucca di Beppo?

The amount of times (and with such perseverance) that Blair talked about being high brow.
And there’s no better thing for her to be than highbrow despicable!

Blair admitted that she didn’t feel like an equal with Chuck.
Dair forever!