On Gossip Girl “Petty in Pink” we got to see Lily van der Woodsen, er – Lily Bass – er, make that Lily Humphrey – going back to some of her old roots. You can take the girl out of the 80’s, but you can’t take that rebellious 80’s attitude out of the girl.

gossip girl fasion lilyWhile it seems like things should be far more serious (repercussion-wise) Lily now has an ankle bracelet and is under house arrest. Forget that she sent an innocent man to jail, the woman has to shop! And shop she does, at the carefully orchestrated product placement website Gilt.com. (Seen once more in that episode, as used by Serena. But never to be used by any of us plebeians, because who has that kind of money? If you do, can I please borrow some?)

As this is Gossip Girl, there was yet another party. This time, it was the Pink Party. While I never saw it actually stated, the pink ribbons seemed to indicated this was an event to support breast cancer research and awareness.

Because of Lily’s new fashion accessory that keeps her house bound, she’s suddenly eager to meet up with friends but finds they’re ousting her. But that’s okay because Serena has a way to blackmail someone and get the Pink Party moved to their house. Success! And Lily never knows a thing. After all, a party seems far more exciting than watching movies. But Lily, of course, finds out about the blackmail and exactly how black the souls of her catty friends are.

Deciding that passive aggressive action is best served silently, Lily tempts the fates as she heads down in the elevator. As you must recall, she was under orders from the POLICE not to leave her apartment. But it’s cool, because the police are always known to be lax! When they arrive to arrest her, she gives them a sweet smile and not only manages to convince them that she didn’t know if she could leave the apartment to come into the lobby, but that she would like the party in her apartment broken up because of noise complaints. And the police agree to this. Which seems pretty sucky since it was a charity event for breast cancer. (Suck it up, Lily, it’s not all about you.) While I really liked seeing our most present Mother unit kicking up her heels to break some rules, I just wish it didn’t make her seem like she was a spoiled brat.

When the party is broken up and everyone has left, Lily tells Rufus that she’d much rather spend the next eight months watching movies on the couch with him. But if you’ve ever seen any episode of Gossip Girl ever, that’s pretty hard to believe. What sort of hobbies do you think Lily might pick up? Knitting? Excessive Wii gaming? Ant farm collecting? The possibilities are endless.

Click the image to see the Gossip Girl fashion in this episode:

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