A prince is threatening our Dan and Blair fantasies!

In Gossip Girl “Petty in Pink” we’ll see Charlie getting to know this world for the first time. For long-time fans, we already know how ridiculous the storylines are, and hearing it aloud doesn’t make it an easier pill to swallow. At least the show is self-aware. Serena using Charlie as a spy doesn’t sit well with me, though. Can’t you just take her shopping again?

As for Dan and Blair, there doesn’t seem to be much more going on with them. Especially with the arrival of the Prince and Blair’s shoe.  On the flip side, we know the Prince will only be around (hopefully) for about ten episodes or less, and Dan and Blair will still be there to make each other awkward. Blair’s quick revelation (as revealed in Gossip Girl season 4 “The Kids Stay in the Picture”) about being meant to be with Chuck seemed too easy. Plus, fans want Dair (Dan/Blair.) What do you guys think? Will they ever give us more Dan and Blair?

There’s more boring Avery Thorpe stuff going on in this episode. It’s really the only way to keep Nate and Chuck in the picture right now. The actress is gorgeous, but is anyone interested in her storyline?  But right on point for how ridiculous Gossip Girl can be…

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