Relive and review the best moments of Gossip Girl “Salon of the Dead.”

gossip girl season 5

Dan and Blair planning their salon together.

They really do make a good couple.

Lola and Serena talking on the phone after Lola’s canceled audition.

It was all about intrigue and what wasn’t being said.

Realizing that Nate slept with Chuck’s Mom.

That’s gotta hurt.

Seeing how innocent Lola is, she reminds us of back when we liked Jenny.

But is she really gone for good?

Learning that Rufus is playing for Ivy’s hotel room.

He’s a good person, he hasn’t lost all his morals.

The evolution of seeing Serena becoming firmly entrenched as scandal-seeking, lowlife Gossip Girl.

She easily navigates this world, and far too quickly stooped to the low road.

Gossip Girl season 5 photo by Giovanni Rufino for The CW.