From the worst hair to the best (surprising) cameo, we’ve got some opinions to share.  It’s time to talk about what went down in “The End of the Affair” on Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Review “The End of the Affair”

Was Blair’s Confession to Serena Real?

Here’s the thing, I really hope what she told Serena was fake. I kept waiting for them to stop faking us out and show the real reason which would involve drugs and murder and the mafia! Since Dan and Serena didn’t confirm what Blair’s confession was, there’s still time. I mean, I’m all for Blair having an obstacle and a reason to avoid Chuck for the drama, but it’s just a superstitious thing? I believe in God, but I don’t believe God plays games like that. I really want to trust the character of Blair to have more up her sleeve. Maybe it has to do with Jack – or did you miss the part where they needed a family member to donate blood to Chuck?

XO XO Gossip Girl

I wasn’t sure who was texting Nate, and I am pretty excited that it was Gossip Girl. I’m sure we still won’t learn who Gossip Girl is, but whatever.

The Wow Effect

This episode of Gossip Girl was really heightened in terms of… I don’t even know, I guess it’s the director who really made everything stronger and dramatic, and feeling a little bit less than the exact same thing we see on screen with this show. (Example: The crazy zoom on Chuck’s face when he visits Blair at home.)

The Fashion that Worked

Serena’s dress had a hemline that was so short that I guess it’s not surprising that in the serious bathroom confession scene with Blair I kept wanting Serena to yank her skirt down. With those legs crossed you could basically see up her skirt (thankfully it was a dark shadow, or maybe they had to add that in post.) Blair continues to have annoying hair (Leighton Meester is gorgeous but her head is very square, so accenting those rigid lines doesn’t work well with her.) She is also wearing tons of fascinators (the hat things) including one that looked like an acorn on her head.

Funniest Image: The anything-but-subtle image of Chuck Bass’ limo lurking on the street like a giant eel as Chuck spied on Blair.

Worst Hair: Dan (Penn Badgley), with Blair coming in second

Saddest Realization: The show is never giving us  Dan/Blair. They must not think they have the time to make it work. Instead, we get more Dan and Serena who will eventually realize, oh, hey, I still have a thing for you, blah blah blah.

Most Obvious Plot: Realizing that Nate was meant to be in the limo that Blair and Chuck were in. That was pretty much guessed by all of our commenters!

Most Ridiculous Idea: Everyone kept saying that without Gossip Girl, they didn’t know what anyone else was doing. Because these kids don’t have Facebook or Twitter? Just because you eliminate Gossip Girl doesn’t mean the rest of the internet doesn’t exist!

Best Cameo: Vera Wang, of course. But Monkey the dog, too. And the real Charlotte Rhodes is pretty.

Seriously? Would Nate really hire an assistant with hair that frizzy?