When ambition is your drug of choice, does it matter whether you’re from Manhattan or Monoco? If you thought snobs on the Upper East Side were casually vindictive, wait until you realize the lengths that royalty will go to secure their futures.

Blair and her Mother - The CW

Gossip Girl Review “The Fasting and the Furious”

Blair’s Hair vs Serena’s Hair (Hint: No one’s Winning)

Did Leighton Meester get some kind of perm? Her curly hair looks great in the Lovestruck fragrance campaign for Vera Wang… but it looks a little too crimpy/crunchy/boho for Blair Waldorf to wear for one day, let alone for the course of several Gossip Girl episodes. They don’t even know how to style her hair with it, and it just looks awful. I hope this is something that Meester did to her hair and the hairstylist just has to live with, if this is a conscious hair choice then I’m very concerned. It’s not attractive on her.

Meanwhile, Serena’s hair is also awful. I understand it as a choice for her character – she’s not a hipster, but she’s got that boho glam “I don’t care if I have bed head” look. However, damn. It does not look good. It looks dirty. Give these girls some nice blow out’s and let their hair have a healthy shine! You know who is doing it right? The hairstylist on Pretty Little Liars.

A Horse of a Different Color: Dan’s Hair

What.Is.Going.On? It’s like…exploding slowly into a poof?

Royal Schemes VS NYC Dreams

Just when you think the lives of NYC socialites are disgusting, we get a little perspective to see that it all takes on an almost bigger meaning when it’s all about ruling a country and inheriting titles.

Dan and Serena vs Dan and Blair

I’ve never liked Dan and Serena together, but it breaks my heart a little to have her realize that she may not be the number one girl in Dan’s life or fantasies anymore. I like the idea of this couple in the past, but for the future I’m all about Dair (Dan/Blair.) But I’m not sure the show will ever give us that. If they do, that leaves Chuck without a soulmate, and probably means that Serena is with Nate. But Chuck Bass is too popular a character to leave him without love.

Louis the Wet Blanket

It’s hard to feel bad for Chuck, as though he’s really lost Blair, when its’ so obvious Blair will never marry Louis (or at least ever stay happily married.) There’s worry from the Dan front, because she might fall for him. But… what does Blair even like about Louis? This character is not very likeable and has no charm or swagger! Yup, I want swagger! I want to believe that Blair likes him. I want to believe he’s worthy of screen time. I just…don’t. Do you? Is she just buying into the dream of being a royal, or does she really see Louis as Prince Charming?

Serena Screws Dan, Again

It works for the plot, but seriously – Dan gives his movie rights to Serena’s company just because he feels he owes her? It’s business, dude. She doesn’t need this job, and hasn’t really earned it anyway. Given that her boss is so evil, you’d think she’s leave rather than decide to screw over Dan. But she’s selfish. And in turn? Dan turns around and does a completely unselfish act for her. Once again, Serena walks all over Dan. And in the end, it really just rewards Serena’s evil boss – and why should Serena want to help her?

I’m exhausted! What did you guys think of this episode? Do you think I should change my mind about Louis?