This week on Gossip Girl, the popular romantic pairing of Dan and Blair gained traction while Chuck Bass skulked in the shadows like a possessive stalker. Is this Gossip Girl or Law & Order: SVU?

gossip girl father and the bride

Gossip Girl Review “Father and the Bride”

The Nate Storylinezzzzzz

Listen guys, Tripp wasn’t trying to kill his cousin! No, no. But Grandfather made him jealous, so he just messed with the brake line a scotch and thought the limo would bump into a parked car (this is almost verbatim) and everything would be okay. Hunky dory! Instead, Blair and Chuck ended up in the limo. Either could have died, and Blair lost her baby. (!!!) That’s some kind of manslaughter thing. Talk about twisted. But even with all of that on his resume (plus, he tried to frame his wife!), Tripp still seems like a really boring person. Once you go J-Crew, it’s all downhill.

Chuck Bass is Chuck Bass, But What Else Does he Offer?

Sorry, Chuck Bass can’t answer his phone right now because he’s too busy being annoyingly earnest about his love with Blair, and stalking her while she tries to ignore him. He doesn’t have a job or any other friends, so this is all he’s got. Stalking Blair. Wearing jackets with (real?) fur on them. Scheming with priests. He’s probably been doing other questionable thing for his character, like going jogging.

Cousin Beatrice and The Cloth

Poor cousin Beatrice came around too late. Now that she’s not plotting evil against Blair, she’s been booted off the show. Too bad, because she looks a lot like the beautiful Georgina Chapman.

More than that, is it any wonder that she was jealous of Blair? Watching Downton Abbey really illuminates a lot of things for us. Blair was waltzing into a life that Beatrice wanted. You try handling that with grace. Just imagine Beatrice as Lady Mary Crawley  (I know you want that to be Blair, but go with it for now) – she’s a rightful heir but she’s a woman so she can’t actually inherit anything. So she watches Matthew (Louis) come in, and he doesn’t really want the money or Downton but he’ll accept it. Then he gets engaged to Lavinia Swire (Blair) who suddenly will be the woman of the house! Wouldn’t you be pissed off? (I’d say more, but don’t want to give away any Downton Abbey spoilers!)

Dan and Blair are Perfect, Squee, Squee (Can’t Help It!)

Maybe I’d be more interested in the show if they actually pursued a romantic storyline I could root for, y’know? There’s something real about “Dair.” The poll on our site and on Buddy TV make it clear that most fans want Blair to leave Louis for Dan! This makes me have faith in America, people!


  • I’d like to know more about the real Charlotte Rhodes, but apparently we’re gonna drop that storyline for a few episodes.
  • I secretly hope Georgina Sparks is invited to Blair’s wedding.
  • Also hoping to see all of Blair’s family (Mom, Dad, Step-Dad) at the wedding.