Do you suppose Blair’s marriage will last longer than Kim Kardashian’s? She only has to beat 72 days, but you never know…

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Nate’s New Girl

The show was nice to acknowledge that Nate and Blair had once dated. But now he’s moving on to a new girl, the real Charlotte. And it doesn’t seem to phase him that this girl’s story is a lot like Charlie’s story (with the Mom, Miami, acting, etc.) Basically, he’s an idiot and it’s never going to change.

The Wedding Happened

Possibly a bigger surprise than finding out who Gossip Girl is, was in the wedding actually happening. Was it just me, or did you keep expecting it to be a dream sequence? But the twist at the end was dramatic and interesting – Louis now hates Blair and it’s all an act.

It was impossible for me to stop thinking about Kim Kardashian during this episode. I’ve become way too invested in trying to suss out whether that marriage was real or completely fake. (In our poll, 45% of you guys think that Kim totally duped Kris Humphries! Just 12% thought it was a real marriage. Wowzers.) I did keep leaning towards thinking it was fake, but the most recent episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York made me wonder more about it. Kim isn’t that great of an actress, which actually lends her tears credibility. But at the same time, I don’t trust her. … (I certainly don’t trust the Kardashian brand, or respect it.)

Kim has said how she was afraid to go through with her wedding. Se had doubts but the pressure of everyone being there made her do it anyway. It felt very much the same for Blair. She was nervous, she had doubts, she was just playing a part. But she did really want it to work. She thought being a Princess and having the perfect wedding was what she wanted. She did it. And then realized what a jerk her Prince was. Trapped, at least Blair had someone to run to. Dan.

Dair Dair all the Live Long Day

I love Dan/Blair and I really want that relationship to happen. This episode of Gossip Girl kept talking about how it’s a new chapter and everything is fresh and starts now, so I have hope that the shows is opening up to that possibility. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have kept mentioning Dan’s crush in the episode.

Certainly the Chair (Chuck/Blair) fans are upset, and I feel kinda sorta bad for them in rooting against their wishes. The annoying thing is that Chair and Dair shippers have both been given hope in this episode, meaning in trying to please us all the show is really just teasing half of its audience before royally (pun!) pissing them off. Oh man.

The Fashion

Blair’s dress was nice, although I think it should have had a fuller skirt. And for a princess of Monaco, you’d think she’d do something a little more subdued a la Kate Middleton, not just a strapless number. That’s awfully expected. And you’d also think she’d have her Mother design her wedding dress. Even when you have the option of Vera Wang, wouldn’t you want your Mother (if she had those talents) to create your dress?

The pale blush color of the bridesmaids and maid of honor dress was nice. The fascinators were a nice touch, although it does seem hopelessly trendy in the USA right now. The bridesmaid dresses reminded me of croissants, with those poofy skirts that made the girl’s thighs and behinds look larger than they were…proving that even when done tastefully, even Blair Waldorf adheres to the unspoken tradition of having your bridesmaids in awful dresses. I really did love Serena’s dress, though. It looked like a wedding dress all its own.

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The Hair

The biggest oversight of the entire episode was in the hair department letting Leighton Meester’s hair look like it was badly permed and tortured with fried ends. Blair doesn’t even color her hair! I can forgive Serena’s mess of a hair since it wasn’t her wedding, you know? But why would they do this to Princess Blair? What’s wrong with a tasteful updo, or glamorous, smooth shiny curls hat make hair look luscious and healthy? It seems like the hair stylists on Gossip Girl have gotten bored of giving Meester and Lively the typical, nice hair from the early seasons and are experimenting with frazzled looks that do no favors for their leading ladies. And that’s a shame. Seriously, I would basically fire them. That’s how grievous the offense is!

Blair’s Mom Reborn Like A Nurturing Mama Bear

There was a lot of Mama Waldorf to do, including alerting Chuck to her doubts. But the nicest thing was her reference to the Gossip Girl pilot when she’d told Blair she’d never be prettier or happier than when she was young. This time, she remarked that Blair got more beautiful every year. Eleanor has really changed.

With Mrs. Waldorf bringing in Chuck, Serena spilling the secret about the God pact, and the leaked video – everyone was doing what they could to keep Blair from making an obvious mistake. It’s disappointing that Blair wasn’t the one to end this. She didn’t stand up for herself and what she felt. For a character so passionate and strong-willed, she seemed very meek and rule-following. A subservient Blair is no fun. And now she’s expected to do what Louis says? Blair better not stand for that. And again, comparisions of a very short wedding (72 days, perhaps?) are being made in my head.

Georgina the Evil Doer

Aside from Georgina being Gossip Girl (a little bit underwhelming…no?), I can’t help but mention that her all black villainess ensembles seemed more comical than high fashion (although I’m sure they were all very expensive.) Basically, it screamed “CAN’T YOU TELL SHE IS EVIL?!” and we already knew that. We’re supposed to believe Georgina walks around Brooklyn in that? Yea, okay. Michelle Trachtenberg is a trooper, and I think she learned a lot about acting from Sarah Michelle Gellar. You can see that seem comedic and snappy spark in their performances. But at certain points (like adjusting her fishnets) it seemed like the show was trying too hard to be something, and it played awkwardly for me.

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The Question Remains…

Since we know Chuck didn’t send the video of Blair’s confession in to Gossip Girl, who do you think did it? It could have been Georgina herself, obviously. Or Nate, Serena, Dan or … someone else?

The Opening Act!

I almost forgot to address the opening of the episode. Blake Lively doesn’t have a great singing voice, but I’m so glad she just went for it and we heard her instead of someone else. I would have liked to see more of Blair as Audrey Hepburn, but alas.