The worst kept secret on the internet this morning is that (Spoiler) is Gossip Girl!

Who is she? Or he? Who is that enigmatic blogger sharing the secrets of socialites on the upper east side? The 100th episode of Gossip Girl finally revealed the identity of G.G.

It’s exciting and fun for the show to tell us who Gossip Girl has been this whole time. But there are some gaping holes in the logic! Certainly we aren’t the only ones wondering how Georgina can possibly be the mastermind of this all.

Hai guys! I just came by to steal the title role of this show, now I gotta jet!

Gossip Girl knew all about Blair’s wedding, but Georgina seemed almost shocked in the beginning of the episode (unless she was merely shocked that Blair was getting good press i.e. Princess Diana references.) Either way, wouldn’t Georgina have plotted her devious plan earlier than just upon the day of the wedding? Other questions arise because Gossip Girl kept going even while Georgina was soulful at Bible Camp and all over the place.

The identity of Gossip Girl was a big deal, and to cram it into an episode as an afterthought really didn’t do the mystery much justice. Blair’s royal wedding was too big of a deal for the show, and it overshadowed everything else going on. Almost more insulting is the fact that Georgina is Gossip Girl at all…

While Michelle Trachtenberg is lovely, she wasn’t part of the show from the start. And for a while she was on her own TV series (Mercy, anyone remember this?) and in a conference call that we took part in, she said she’d be glad to return to Gossip Girl but there were no plans to at the moment. Had Mercy taken off as a hit, she would have likely been too busy.

So, what does that mean? That the show didn’t have an idea of who Gossip Girl would be when they started. There was no end game. They were just as clueless as fans. You can’t go back and search for clues, because none of that stuff will have really mattered. They might as well have picked the name out of a hat. And Jenny (Taylor Momsen) or Vanessa (Jessica Szhor) would have been much more surprising in the role.

Georgina is Gossip Girl. How do you feel about that?

Important Gossip Girl Review Questions:

  1. Will anyone else on the show find out who Gossip Girl is?
  2. Will Trachtenberg be in more episodes to follow this storyline? (If you already read spoilers than you KNOW, but if not this is a valid question.)
  3. Is it possible Georgina has other people helping her?
  4. If you were Gossip Girl, would you have been able to keep it a secret?