Highlights of Gossip Girl “Raiders of the Lost Art.”

leighton meester

Dan and Blair may have to work out the kinks of their relationship over time, but they have a cute morning routine.

It’s nice to see them being together, kissing, making pop culture references to Ray Jay, etc.

Leighton Meester’s British accent was a lot of fun. As was her own cipher slide!

“Cheers. Thanks a lot. Spectator!”

Serena being caught in the elevator was good for her.

Next, someone should help her get some hair therapy.

Seeing the entire group come together for a big scheme was fun.

They’re the non-judging Breakfast club, remember? Minus Serena-lite. Even though the real Serena was not at her full power…

Blair’s “OMG, it’s you!” moment had more impact than the resulting reveal.

Does anyone really care it’s Mr. Bass? Guess this means Lily is now a polygot with two husbands! Before we knew who was hiding in that brothel, it was fun to guess what could be the big secret.

Dorota is a pretty good spy.
Of course, she technically did have to use force.

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