Explore the best Gossip Girl quotes from season 5. These are quotes from the season 5 episode 19 episode, “Despicable B.”

leighton meesterWhat could be more important than stratigizing ways to publicist yourself? – Blair Waldorf Quotes

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Dan, you know you’ll never be trending on twitter with those topics. –  Best Blair Waldorf Quotes

Always leave them wanting more. –  Blair Waldorf Quotes

How do I look? – Blair Waldorf Quotes
Suspicious. – Dorota Quotes

I did tell you this was casual, right? – Dan
This is casual. – Blair Waldorf Quotes

I smell a scheme when I see one. – Best Dorota Quotes

Highbrow despicable! – Blair Waldorf Quotes

I never really saw myself as a sleep with your best friend’s mother kind of guy. – Best Nate Archibald Quotes

For being married less time than Kim Kardashian? – Blair Waldorf Quotes

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I must become as high brow as Dan,this instant. – Best Blair Waldorf Quotes

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I’d say that doesn’t sound like a real apology. – Best Rufus Humphrey Quotes

Rufus, are you saying you’d like a divorce? – Lily Bass Quotes