Explore the best Gossip Girl season 5 quotes from “Salon of the Dead.”

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Have you ever wondered who Gossip Girl is? – Lola

Serena is Gossip Girl. – Lola

I’m as Queens as acrylic nails. – Jenna

Our relationship is our world. – Dan

I will eat your roughage. – Rufus

Just because a tree grows in Brooklyn doesn’t mean I have to plant it. – Gossip Girl

I’m a woman who has lived. I have plenty to hide. – Diana

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Carole Lombard is my spirit animal. – Blair

You know I wouldn’t be caught at that hippie pickling festival. – Blair

Gossip Girl Quotes Season 5

So, are we still in a fight? – Nate

I do secretly love pub food. – Blair

I haven’t been slumming in a while. – Chuck

She’s British and she’s press. – Blair

Gossip Girl Season 5 Quotes

WWDPD – What would Dorthy Parker do? – Blair