Lady Gaga Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Lady Gaga went gaga in her performance. Perk: She makes the duct tape over her nipples look classy in this dress. Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW

The best thing about Monday’s episode of Gossip GirlThe Last Days of Disco Stick” isn’t what you’d except. The highlight wasn’t Lady Gaga singing and twirling about in a fabulous red dress that made her look like a commanding goddess of the ethereal heavens, Blair and Chuck and their alleged true love, the threesome flashbacks that were photoshopped in Dan’s brain, the fact that Olivia is gone, or the chuckling at how badly styled Serena was in this episode with her braided ponytail. Nope. The best thing about the episode is what was only implied, and may never happen. Chuck and Jenny.


Little J is Lady Amathlea

That’s right, upper east sider wannabe’s! Chuck and Jenny. He’s protective, and technically they’re related – but since when would that ever stop Chuck Bass? Blair bores him now, and we can’t blame him because her ‘I used to be Queen’ mania is boring us too. It’s just sad. Meanwhile, Jenny is equally bored, and looking more like Lady Amathlea every time we see her. (The Last Unicorn is one of the movies I left off of my favorite sentimental things post, gah!)We’re crossing our fingers for this to happen. What about you?

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