Chuck’s cleaning up his act, Louis’s going to the dark side, and Serena is the newest Carrie Bradshaw. Seriously, you know they’re going to utilize voiceovers for her now, right?

kaylee defer

Nate Archibald, Really?

As much as I believe that Blair and Nate will never hook-up again (okay, maybe they’ll hook up but they won’t have a big romance) I find it hard to stomach that Blair would offer up her first love as bait for a contest. This contest is supposed to show who can land a big fish as opposed to lowly bartenders, but Nate has spent plenty of time being a womanizer. So is he really quite the discerning gentleman for this job? Call me a foolish romantic, but I think it’s an odd choice for Blair to make. At least Louis can be sure she’s over one of her ex’s.

Speaking of Bridesmaids

Blair hardly knows Charlie (really, no one does – since that’s not even her name) and yet she’s let her compete and win a spot as one of her bridesmaids. Ridiculous.

NY Spectator

Why did all of these media and social insiders show up for a website that plans to expose their deepest secrets? I’d blacklist the site and give them no support. Unless you really think you have nothing to hide…

Therapy Woes

Poor Eliza Barnes (that was her name, right?) She got the short end of that stick. She ended up breaking a serious code of ethics, losing her practice (maybe she’ll set up somewhere else?), losing the money from Louis, and giving back the ring she could have sold. Girlfriend was not looking out for herself! If she had a practice, she would have continuous income. Now she has nothing.

Gossip Girl, Irrelevant?

Diana Payne told Serena that they would make Gossip Girl by letting the world hear from Serena directly. But…um. What? Like you can expect Serena to be honest about things? That’s not how it works. People don’t flock to Kim Kardashian’s blog to get the scoop on her, they head to gossip sites to know they’re getting the real, unbiased, deal! A site that you control will obviously not be 100% trustworthy, any more than a gossip site can be.

What’s sad is that, as usual, no one cares about Serena for her talents. They just want her because of who she is, who she knows, and what she can get for them. It’s her status that matters, not what she knows or what she can do in terms of talent.

  • Nice mention of Clark Rockefeller. Who I only know about because of that Lifetime movie with Eric McCormack. (“Who is Clark Rockefeller?)
  • Is anyone digging the Nate/Diana relationship? Yawn. He’s had enough cougars!
  • That orange Blumarine dress on Blair was doing her no favors.
  • What room was Blair in when she was on the phone to Louis? I don’t recall seeing that room. New set, or just a different angle of a set we’ve already scene?

React: Do you think Serena’s blog will be a success? Will Charlie feel more of a pull towards Nate now that she can’t have him? Do you think Blair really cares who her bridesmaids are?