We’re on Dan Humphrey Hair Watch 2012 – and things aren’t looking any better than when we last saw him trying to bring Serena away from a fake wedding. This week in “High Infidelity” he’s bitter about losing Blair, and ready to let the world know how angry he is.

Blair as a Businesswoman (With bonus headband accessory!)

I love the show room and how Doroto described it. Especially loved seeing the pictures of Blair from season 1. But Blair’s office? A little more Palm Beach and Lily Pultizer than I’d think for Blair.

Blair spent a lot of time in Paris and still couldn’t bring back a staff – or hire a new one. She’s always so all about being professional, but her Women’s Wear Daily day was not prepared for at all.

I do wonder if Lorrick New York did the designs for Waldorf Designs.

Dan’s Book

I’m excited to read it. They should publish this, and his previous one. In fact, they must have, because to not would be passing up such a lucrative business deal. And if I know one thing about business people, it’s that they like money.  I’m pretty sure they even have a secret cologne that smells like it.

Chuck vs Bart

Oh look, the same storyline as always.

Gossip Girl Season 6 Misc Review Notes

  • WWD Day
  • Serena Takes Manhattan
  • I want to go to ateliers! And gala’s.
  • The Bass’ still do great brunches. Rich people always do great brunches.
  • Bart Bass was hardly veiling his threat towards Amira, and Lily didn’t even bat an eye.
  • Nelly Yuki is back!
  • At least Serena and Nate have a decent friendship after all this time. Theirs might realistically be the only one whose would last.
  • Poppy Lifton is back, too.
  • Everyone always wants to go to Mood!
  • Is Georgina slightly in love with Dan?
  • Dan would rather have Georgina negotiate for him than just deal with Nate?
  • Blair is so heartsick for Chuck, but he is so much more business-minded.

Gossip Girl Season 6 Fashion High’s and Low’s

Blair was back in a headband! A pink and white confection.

Georgina Sparks wore interesting, edgy jewelry as she walked around with Dan.  And I bet the points of her necklaces were laced with venom. Muah-ha-ha-ha!

Serena’s belted, blue not-quite-a- maxi dress with a ponytail was a refreshing, sweet outfit. Of course, her hair was pretty ragged.

Lily’s hair was a chignon that looked a bit like a butterfly. Amusing.

Bummersville: party of 1 – Serena’s gala dress was … not working for her body. (It works better on a frame with smaller breasts.) Her hair looked horrible. That pale lilac (periwinkle?) color didn’t seem great on her, either.

Georgina wore a strapless black evening gown and red lips… she looked a little bit like Cruella di Ville.

Blair’s magenta lippy and her black dress was divine.

dan humphrey hairGossip Girl Season 6 Quotes

“Please say ‘raw and hard’ again.” – Georgina Sparks

“You can be my head minion.” – Blair

“No one in high school reads Gossip Girl – it’s for old people.” – Sage

“Are you really quoting the Millionaire Matchmaker?” – Serena Van Der Woodsen

“I’ve been manipulated by that sentence before.” – Nate

blake lively 2013

“We have the truth. That’s how the losers win.” – Nelly

“The more serious we get, the more we’re going to have to trust each other.”

“I broke up with you because I thought you were sleeping with your father – before I knew he was your father.” – Sage

“Revenge is a dish best served serialized.” – Georgina Sparks

“Can’t wait to start burning bridges together.” – Georgina Sparks

What was your favorite moment of this episode? Was it seeing Blair in a headband?

Gossip Girl season 6 episode 2 | Gossip Girl “High Infidelity” Review

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Photo Credit: Pat Harbron for The CW