Charlie (Kaylee Defer) may not be our favorite Gossip Girl character yet (she’s so full of lies!), but she might just have the best fashion on the show if she continues to wear Gryphon New York.

gossip girl fashion

Click to enlarge this Gossip Girl fashion guide.

Forget Blair and Serena. In this Gossip Girl season 5 episode, it’s Charlie (Ivy – played by Kaylee Defer) who steals the show with this Gryphon dress. The belt and bejeweled shoulder straps seem to be part of this patterned dress, which is great. (Updated: The belt is not.) The Gossip Girl costume designers have accessorized the look with a Swarovski (it’s time for me to add that to my spellcheck, right?) necklace, Rich Rocks ring and chunky Sequin bracelet. The sparkling jewelry elevates the look, but that dress really is the showpiece here.

Blair (Leighton Meester) wears an orange Blumarine shift dress that looks not quite as Audrey Hepburn as it should. And why does she look so insecure? C’mon Blair, assert yourself against those royals!

kaylee defer gossip girl

Gryphon New York creates amazing fashion, so check out the website. The dress seen on Charlie is the Scarf Dress in Shibori from the Spring 2011 collection.