Whenever I’m ready to hit the Winter streets of NYC (even if it’s in my mind) the one thing I never think to put on are a pair of really beautifully tailored designer SHORTS. What’s wrong with me?

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See, Gossip Girl “Panic Roommate” brought us plenty of layers. Not just in the story, but in the sense that Blair and Serena wore layers upon layers of things. But this is because they were actually wearing so little to start with. To distract us, they piled on jewelry and heavy textiles. “See, these shorts are for WINTER, obviously, they’re made from wool!” Make them out of the pages of Vogue, I still don’t think they’re fashionable or appropriate. I spend most of summer trying to not wear shorts because I have leg issues!

Looking lightly ridiculous for Winter, Serena van der Woodsen wore a sparkly purple Kaufman Franco dress under a gray Valentino scarf, MCL Cuff, and Shourouk purse. This, at least, is understandable.

Meanwhile, Blair kept it traditional with a Valentino jacket, Bensoni skirt, ODLR blouse, …and, okay, a pair of shorts by Theory. Why does the costume designer think that fancy shorts are IN for Winter? WTF, GG?

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