I am not entirely sure what is going on, but I know Tegan and Sara are involved and therefore I’m on board. (I have faith! …Well, faith and an open mind.)

This is pitched as an “extremely unique talk show” which is putting it lightly, yes? Still, it’s interesting and certainly wakes you up. It’s done in partnership with Funny or Die. Gorburger features TJ Miller (She’s Out Of My League, Our Idiot Brother, How To Train Your Dragon) as well as appearances from many of Warner Music’s top artists like Tegan and Sara, Mariachi El Bronx, Mars Volta, La Sera, Les Butcherettes, Health, Fools Gold, 3OH!3, Dum Dum Girls… a bunch of hip musicians getting to act crazy? Could be cool. Check out the trailer below and let us know if it’s too crazy for your brain.

Gorburger is invading your internet waves every Monday in October, satisfying his blood lust, interviewing bands and not having sex with them because his genitalia is incompatible. Tune in Monday, September 24th for the premiere episode. From Gorburger, The Director Brothers, T.J. Miller, Funny Or Die, Nick Plotquin – Official Description

What do you think the Gorburger creature is? I’m gonna say he’s a space ogre.

Starting Monday, September 24th, check out Gorburger on The Warner Sound YouTube channel.

Picture: Funny or Die Website

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