People should stop confusing characters with the actors playing them. But there’s all sorts of things that people do that they shouldn’t. Like putting baby corn in Chinese take-out dishes. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? THE CORN ALWAYS TASTES WEIRD.

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Glee Recap of the top 4 complaints for “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”

Kristen Schaal is “Stupid”

The character of Mary gave us “Gay NASA Dads” and for that, I will be forever grateful. Plus, I love Schaal, even if her time on 30 Rock was so awful it made me angry at the show. Smart people appreciate Schaal as the character actor she is.  But a lot of dumb Glee fans couldn’t appreciate Schaal, and instead thought that this character was rude and horrible to the Saint that is Rachel Berry. Luckily, Mary made good in the end. BUT IF SHE HADN’T. Ugh. (My personal complaint is that not enough Glee fans could appreciate this fun character without taking it personally. I don’t want to live in a world where people don’t appreciate a character like Mary! I want all of these kids to watch Bob’s Burgers and we’ll SEE if we can fix them… Oh, look, I’m THAT angry old lady now… PERFECT. See what you kids have done to me?!) Seriously, half the fun of Glee is indulging weird characters, isn’t it? Why couldn’t anyone just enjoy it without complaining about how weird/mean Mary was?

The Teaser was Fake

Gasp! What do you mean…a TV show misled you with their spoilers? It’s not that anyone seems upset that Brittany and Blaine aren’t going to hook up….it’s that so many people were outraged (on Twitter, this is where I get my fresh intel) that the show implied that it was something that was really going to happen. GASP.

Shaking my Head

The upbeat pop song is nearly enough to sway you that the song is fun. Until you listen to the wacked out lyrics. Mercedes clearly wrote this one herself. I’m sh-sh-sh shaking my head. Oi.

Youths now Hate Shirley MacLaine

The character of June had come between Kurt and Blaine in such a divisive way, that the youth of American have had no recourse but to decide to hate the person attached to this character. Unfortunately for us all, that person is Shirley MacLaine. Even though I’ve never seen most of the movies that have made MacLaine a legend, I respect her anyway. I respect the IDEA of her legend…ness! And, I am sad that one of the most prevalent Twitter comments was about how much people hated – not just June – but ‘that old lady.”

Secret # 5: No Santana

This is only “secret” because I forgot to include this major complaint until I’d already posted the title. But, YEA. What was up with that? Santana and Brittany don’t even know how to communicate? Weaksauce.

 Okay, let’s hear them. What complaints did you have about Glee “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project”?