Ah, another Glee episode under my belt and I feel all the much happier that the show is so beloved by all. (Or most, at least.) The latest episode aired after the Super Bowl and the title was, “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle.” I think it should be “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Bowl.” But, I digress.

The good news is that Puck and Finn are BFF again. The bromance is in full effect. And it looks like they might have to stand against Sam. Are you bored of him yet? Quinn is. All through the episode there were some Finn/Quinn moments, and at the end she kissed him. So, I’d pretty much call that a moment.

We got a glimpse of Kurt’s new school, but during the singing of “Bills, Bills, Bills” we hardly saw him at all. Dalton Academy has cool guys, but we want to see our favorite guy! Chris Colfer – how we miss thee!

Likewise, we got the familiar Lea Michele as Rachel Berry lead on vocals, and didn’t get close-up’s on half the cast during the Thriller mash-up. I get it, there’s a lot of people and a lot going on – but isn’t it kind of insulting to put all of that time and effort into makeup/costumes/rehearsal if we hardly ever see half of our Glee club members?

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While letting some things happen while acknowledging that the show is on TV, it’s hard when it contradicts itself. Let me explain. When the girls all wanted to join the Football team (Go Titans!) to help out, I thought they’d all talk about how girls can’t join. Turns out, the big issue was if their parents would consent. (This would have been such a great time to show all the girls parents!) Cut to: Sue needs Brittany to fly out of a cannon, and all she needs is Brittany’s signature. Unless Brittany S. Pierce is of legal age, she needs parental consent!

But it turns out that Quinn, Brittany and Santana decided to quit the Cheerios. We know it’s gotta be a matter of time until they’re back on the squad, though.

Meanwhile, Sue is depressed and has lost the spark for life. She’s probably just going through menopause.

But. That’s just what I think. What did YOU guys think of this episode? are you on board for a new Quinn/Finn relationship? Did you see that even COMING? When will Kurt return to McKinley High? Will we ever see Emma again?!