There’s plenty of things you can do as you wait for the next Glee season 3 episode next week! Don’t forget about Glee “The First Time” so soon! Honor and really milk the episode! There are more things you can do than just download the songs from iTunes!

  1. Make sure you’ve watched West Side Story before, if you haven’t – gasp! And even if you’ve seen it, give it a re-watch if it’s been over ten years. You can buy it on Blu Ray, rent it on Amazon Video on Demand, buy the DVD, or purchase the Special Collector’s Edition on DVD or Blu Ray. (Both box sets have very high ratings on Amazon, always a good sign.)
  2. Download the West Side Story soundtrack via mp3’s or buy it on CD, so you can sing along to the songs in the shower.
  3. No, I am absolute not going to advocate that young teens go have sex, even though that did happen in the episode. Instead, what I’ll say is that if you are in love with someone, make sure they know it. Don’t think you can’t feel deeply just because you’re at a young age. And people always love to know they’re appreciated.
  4. Be an Artie – no, not in the pretentious director way, but in the way he supported Coach Beiste! Help your friends out with their love lives, if they’ll allow it. This could mean helping them sign up for online dating, helping them get a mini wardrobe makeover, or even setting them up with someone you know. At the very least, support their ongoing search for love and a real relationship. Giving up on the possibility of love, or thinking you’re good enough, is one of the worst things you can do.
  5. Be inspired by Mike Chang, and stand up to anyone who tells you to give up on your dreams. Don’t let anyone bully or threaten you into giving up what you love about life.
  6. twyla tharpPay homage to how the Warblers sang “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel, by listening/watching his musical, Movin’ Out.  You can watch some of it on Youtube as performed at the 2003 Tony Awards. A Billy Joel cassette tape is one of the first I ever owned. Oh, memories.
  7. If you’re really interested in musicals, rent and watch more. Also, Twyla Tharp wrote a great book called “The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life” that you should read. I am pretty sure this is a book that Rachel Berry would have on her to-read list. I’ve personally read it and enjoyed it a lot.
  8. Read our Glee The First Time Review
  9. Consider planning out your Halloween costumes for next year. Are you a Maria or an Anita?
  10. Make a bucket list like Kurt has, and keep it on your iPhone!
  11. glee fashionEmma (Jayma Mays) wore a great floral Kate Spade dress with the Kissing Frogs Kate Spade Belt. Anything Kate Spade is very Emma (and a little bit Rachel Berry.) But you don’t have hundreds to throw at a dress all the time.  But have you seen the Kate Spade iPhone covers? They’re all about $20 a pop, and boy do the designer designs pop!  Giraffe, Tropical, Paisley, Red Polka Dots, and the Anemone Floral Looking Pattern that is the same print as the dress Emma wears in “The First Time.”
  12. And, of course, purchase all of the Glee “The First Time” songs on iTunes!