While I was majorly disappointed in the Glee episode “Pot O Gold” this episode, “The First Time” has presented as one of the strongest season 3 episodes of the series.


At first I wrote that he was being a jerk. But then I realized he’d just been insecure, which had magnified his jerkiness. While the character of Artie didn’t get a ton of screen time I like that what we got was important. We also learned, from Tina, that she has officially moved on and Mike is her first love, and she’s slept with him. Maybe everyone else gave up hope for this pair, but I felt kinda bad for him. I know he’s moved on with Brittany, but … I don’t know. It’s sad, to me!

Let’s get back to how he was a jerk. His pressure for perfection made him telling Rachel and Blaine they needed to have sex. Peer pressure! That was a dick move. And it was inappropriate for him to say, so when Emma and Coach Beiste left that was also wrong. They should have stopped him. But this is a TV show, blah blah. So he went and got involved in the love life of the Coach, and asked her about her sex life. That…isn’t right. But it ended up okay, so, I’ll let it pass.

I just put this together, I hope you like it: 12 Ways to Celebrate Glee ‘The First Time’


The Warblers gave a great performance as they sang Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and practically serenaded a teacher there (who was so stylishly coordinated in a red pencil skirt and navy neck scarf.) It felt like a real “life as a musical” moment.

Bucket List

It’s funny that Kurt has his bucket list on his iPhone because just yesterday I saw that Nathan Fillion (Castle) has a bucket list on his iPhone.

Mike Lost His Dad

There was no death, but Mike basically was disowned by his Dad. Mike is staying strong, believing in his dreams. It’s a positive message and I’m glad that the musical didn’t happen without the show touching on this subject.

Sex, Sex, Sex

I ended up really loving this episode but it worried me how I started out with the traditional stance that teenagers should not be having sex… and then after I heard Blaine, Kurt and Rachel explaining their reasoning I actually agreed with them and wanted them to do it. But teenage pregnancy is a major issue, so I don’t know that promoting it is ever a smart move.

Small Glee Moments

  • Finn pretending the meat he served his vegan girlfriend was a meat substitute.
  • Blaine’s sweater and bow tie
  • Blaint and Kurt’s nightly phone ritual
  • Rachel’s Dress for her date night with Finn
  • Britt thinks she lost her virginity at camp due to an alien invasion

Glee Songs

I loved them all so much I don’t know that I can pick a  favorite.
“A Boy Like That” sung by Naya Rivera and Lea Michele
“Tonight” sung by Lea Michele and Darren Criss
“One Hand, One Heart” sung by Lea Michele and Darren Criss
“America” sung by the Jets and the Sharks
“Uptown Girl” sung by the Dalton Academy Warblers, with Curt Mega

Grade: A

Rewatch: Yes. But especially every single musical number here. They’re all worth re-watching.

React: What would you grade this episode? What was your favorite Glee episode of the episode “The First Time?”