When the’Glee’ episode “Bash” aired tonight on Fox, there was no short amount of things for fans to tweet about. Many were excited about the prospect of Sam and Mercdes (Samcedes, apparently.) Then, many other’s were upset about Kurt. (Just as many were annoyed by the drama of the matter, and how two punches gave Kurt a bunch of mysterious cuts.) But there was one thing in the episode that got the most traction on Twitter. And that was a TV show that Sam was watching.

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The Facts of Life.

I’m a child of the 80’s, and even I don’t remember it well.

Mostly what I know is that George Clooney was in one episode, and talk shows used to always show that bit when he went on them.

Anyway. Sam (Chord Overstreet) has been enjoying a laid back lifestyle as a model. This has left him time to watch daytime TV. And this is how he discovered ‘The Facts of Life.’

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So then he explained what the show was about.

“It’s about this old red head lady who runs this boarding school for lesbians.”

Mercedes later referred to the show as: “The lesbian show about weed.”

That feels fairly accurate, no?