Now that you’ve watched the ‘Glee’  season 6 episode “Tested,” it’s time to overhear a conversation from two friends about the episode. We’re calling it… CHICK CHAT.

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Glee “Tested” Chick Chat Recap

With notes from Jessica Rae and Etella Pierce, for Small Screen Scoop. Compiled by Jessica.

Sam is everything

Jessica: How cute is Sam?
Estella: He’s the only reason I’m going to ever watch this show again.
Jessica: There was a time I didn’t care about Sam at all. He was just Sam. Now I’m like, SAAAAAM. Hilarious, funny, and amusing. You know, and those looks.
Estella: But such an idiot.
Jessica: But SUCH an idiot. But, like he’s really earnest about it. In the process.
Estella: Maybe he can grow a church cushion while he thinks about it.
Jessica: Nice! But do you remember when Chord Overstreet had left Glee, allegedly because he wasn’t being paid enough?
Estella: Not even a little bit.
Jessica: Well, something like that. And I’m just so glad they got him back.
Estella: He’s their only hope.
Jessica: He’s the only droid I’m looking for. Not that I know what a droid it.

Hell to the No

Estella: Mercedes actually quoted her own song
Estella: “Have you heard of ‘Hell to the No’?”
Estella: Aside from that and her battle for Tots, I respect her.
Jessica: Like with all Glee characters, I find Mercedes as awful as wonderful…basically. They are all super flawed.
Estella: It mimics reality
Jessica: Yes…one smart thing that Glee does, although…I’m not sure they’ve ever done it in a smart way. THEY RUINED TINA.
Estella: Is she even on the show anymore?
Jessica: Wow, I don’t think so….

The Music

Estella: Okay, time to talk music.
Jessica: MERCEDES.
Estella: She knows what love is.
Jessica: That is such a cheesy song, and she made me love it. That was a great performance. PREACH.
Estella: That would be a really scary song to sing to a guy on a first date.
Jessica: It would be a total Ted Mosby move. (Sorry, I know you didn’t watch How I Met Your Mother, but the reference was perfect.)

Estella: What about “Love is a Battlefield?”
Jessica: SO LITERAL…and yet…I dug it.
Estella: It was pretty fun.
Jessica: I can’t tell if the choreography was too cheesy or just spot-on.
Estella: Probably somewhere in-between.
Jessica: I’m going to sing this in the shower tomorrow.
Estella: Try not to hurt yourself.

The Oscar goes to…

Jessica: I’d like to pretend I didn’t give this much thought, but they really managed to get Darren Criss (as Blaine) to look fat.
Estella: He was just sticking his gut out.
Jessica: I HAVE SEEN THAT TRICK BEFORE, but this seemed different. Like, he had been photoshopped.
Estella: Do you think he gained weight for the season?
Jessica: HAHA. No actor does that unless it’s for an Oscar.
Estella: But if any Glee actor was worthy of one…
Jessica: Even though I’m inclined TO AGREE, that’ll anger alot of Chris Colfer fans. Plus, we already pleged love to SAM aka Chord Overstreet aka MMM.
Estella: Overstreet seems like a future Paul Rudd.
Jessica: RUDD? Wow. Yea. Maybe. Hm. Not sure. Not sold.

No Oscar is worth that

Jessica: Were they eating at Serendipity?
Estella: I have no clue.
Jessica:  I think they there. And I’ve never had frozen hot chocolate. I’m jealous.

Jessica: Hot coconut water, garlic salt, Splenda and a splash of hot sauce. Would you do it?
Estella: No. Just drink water. Would you?
Jessica: I’d probably assemble all of the ingredients, and then never use them.

Feel free to leave comments, should you have any. Are you sad about not having Tina? Would you vote for Blaine or Sam as MVP of the series?  And since when is Rachel Berry not the biggest prude on the series?