The Glee episode “On My Way” ended on a mighty big “to be continued.” And Quinn’s fate hangs in the balance. So can Gleeks expect to see more of Dianna Agron on Glee, or will she die because of the car accident?

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There is some evidence to support that Quinn could die. The episode took pains to give her a lot of spotlight moments. Viewers noted she had achieved everything she wanted (Cheerios again, a future at Yale) and seemed completely content. (She’s forgotten to obsess over her daughter, apparently. Which is a good, if not drastic change in this arc.) And after showing us how happy and perfect and wrapped-up her character was (she even gave her blessing to Rachel and Finn to get married) it makes sense that they’d then be able to kill her off. But is that truly what the show is going to do? Probably not.

Glee Spoilers below!

Although there is not a new Glee episode for several weeks, Glee spoilers show us that Quinn does not die. Which has got to be a relief for all Dianna Agron fans. In addition to spoiler pictures leaked of Quinn Fabray looking healthy but in a wheelchair, Samuel Larsen (who plays Christian hippie Joe Hart) tweeted about shooting a scene with Agron just a few weeks ago. And on February 15 music producer Alex Anders also tweeted that he’d recorded a “super fun song” with Agron, and that Matt Bomer was up next.

When does Glee return? Glee will return with the episode “Big Brother” on April 10th 2012.

  • Glee will Quinn die in the car crash? No
  • Glee does Quinn die? No.
  • Is Glee paralyzed? We don’t yet know! That’s the big question. Is she temporarily in a wheelchair or will she be in one forever?

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