This episode of Glee actually had so many great songs it’s difficult to determine what should get last place…

6. “Summer Nights”

It’s hard to feel excited about Mercedes and Sam after I was certain Chord Overstreet wasn’t coming back to Glee. We don’t have much reason to root for them, other than what came after this song when we learned how Mercedes felt. While I appreciate a great Grease immitation when the time is right (Like on SNL with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey) this one felt like such a copycat that it obviously paled to the original.

5. “Moves Like Jagger/ “Jumpin Jack Flash”

This was a fun choice, and to be honest this is the song still stuck in my head! Even though Emma might appreciate Will’s dance moves, this wasn’t the right song to use in proposing. Still, the fun schtick here made me want to dance and that can encourage me to do things like, ugh, chores. And visually, this was a stunning performance all around.

4. “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

I have never, ever liked this song. So I was bracing myself to simply endure the performance. But somehow, the ladies made me really enjoy the song. The vocals weren’t slow and depressing so much as powerful and emotional. I did think that Rachel crying during this song, instead of her solo later on, was odd.

3. “Without You”

It was a good cover, and you can’t deny that Lea Michele was a great voice.

2. “We Found Love”

40’s style swimsuits, synchronized swimmers, and a whole big production! It was exciting and it built up to a big moment that played out well. This is the part of the episode that I am most likely to rewatch a few times.

1. “Wedding Bells”

Sometimes I don’t know how I feel about Jayma Mays voice. But sometimes I just relax and enjoy it. This was a really fun way to show Emma in yet another wedding dress! The bridesmaids with their hats was also a nice, funny touch.

This is my order. But what’s yours? Which song do you think should be #1 on the replay list?