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The Glee Songs of “The Power of Madonna” REVIEWED:

Ray of Light – Not sung by Glee, but this was performed by the Cheerios and served as inspiration for Will to have the Glee club sing Madonna. It was very cool to watch.

Express Yourself – Rachel, Mercedes, Quinn and the rest of the girls of the glee club performed this while the boys yawned. For the first number, this really set the bar high. It was incredible. I want to sing it in the shower.

Borderline and Open your Heart Mash-up – Rachel and Finn performed this number, and it was really adorable and it made you want them to be together.

Like a Virgin
– Just as great as the vocals on this song (which were AMAZING) was the choreography of three different-but-similar situations happening between three couples. I loved that Emma, Rachel, and Santana were all in very similar outfits when it came to the lilac color. While the message of the episode seemed to be “wait to have sex, kids” some of the choreography was so smokin’ I bet parents groups will still complain. I really want to hear Santana sing more!

Vogue – How could we ask for more? Sue Sylvester gets a song solo. YES. I love that they kept this all kind of serious in the beginning and then let us see Sue’s personality come out more and more (like almost elbowing someone).

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4 Minutes – Mercedes and Kurt really DID tear this song up as the Cheerios performed behind them. I loved it, and Kurt was dancing really sexy.

What it Feels Like For a Girl – A great Madonna song, performed by the guys. I had a feeling they might sing this one. It was a great full-circle approach for an episode that started off saying that they all needed to sing Madonna and learn to appreciate females more.

Like a Prayer – Cry, it’s okay! Tears of weepy joy that things are so beautiful and sad and magical. Glee is the show that we, as kids (when we still believe in magic and have imagination) would have designed for us at this age.