In this episode, there was plenty of competition to see which special Glee moment could make this list. (Or Glist, if you want.) We narrowed it down to our top five, with one bonus. Now, before you read – take a moment to think about your five favorite moments. See if we caught them all, if we didn’t – comment and tell us what YOU liked most about Glee “Silly Love Songs.”

glee silly love songs

5.) SLUMBER PARTY PRIMPING: Rachel hosted a sleepover for Mercedes and Kurt. This episode took care to emphasize that Kurt is still in their lives, and that the three have bonded. I especially lovedĀ  Mercedes red sock monkey pajama’s with footies!

4.) LAUREN, WHO? OH!The character of Lauren wowed us with her impressive confidence. She also had plenty of zingers.

3.) SANTANA GETS QUOTEABLE: Speaking of zingers, was Santana holding back before? We want more Santana! She delivered more awesome Glee quotes in this episode than she has in every episode combined!

2.) FRIENDSHIP CONQUERS ALL: Kurt putting together a lonely hearts club was a great chance to see the lonely people and his friends who supported him. It gave a great friendship vibe to the show, and emphasized the theme of love in all forms. (Even of breadsticks.)

1.) RACHEL BELTS IT: Rachel Berry singing a love song to herself was only mildly comical, because it means a lot to givc up living for someone else and be willing to do what’s best for yourself. Plus, her cover of Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” was really catchy.

BONUS: Artie and Mike Chang singing PYT. This is a duet we didn’t see coming!

BONUS 2: We saw the former Cheerios in their normal street clothes. (And we loved their Glee fashion!)