On Glee “Born This Way” tonight, the gleeks all wore white t-shirts with a word or phrase that described something they didn’t like about themselves, but that they were born with. Below is the full list.

Emma’s Shirt: Ginger / OCD

Brittany’s Shirt: I’m with Stoopid

Santana’s Shirt: Bitch / Lebanese

Will Schuester’s Shirt: Butt Chin

Rachel’s Shirt: Nose

Kurt’s Shirt: Likes Boys

Mercedes’ Shirt: No Weave

Mike’s Shirt: Can’t Sing

Sam’s Shirt: Trout Mouth

Tina’s Shirt: Brown Eyes

Quinn’s Shirt: Lucy Caboose

Finn’s Shirt: Can’t Dance

Lauren’s Shirt: Bad Attitude

Puck’s Shirt: I’m with Stupid (Arrow pointing down)

Artie’s Shirt: Four Eyes (Can’t confirm, but guessing)

What would yours say?

And is this a great Halloween costume idea (for the lazy) or what?

Please do correct us if there are any mistakes!