Glee believes they know which three songs you’ll enjoy the most from the episode “Sexy.” No surprise that they all feature guest star Gwyneth Paltrow!

emma glee sexy episode

Three of Glee “Sexy” Songs will be available on Glee: The Music: Volume 5 and released as singles, ready for your MP3 devices. These songs will be “Do You Wanna Touch Me” and “Landslide” and “Kiss.”

Glee Sexy Song List:

  1. “Kiss” by Prince. Sung by Holly Holliday and Will Schuester.
  2. “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” by Joan Jett. Sung by Holly Holliday and New Directions. (Glee Do You Wanna Touch Me Video)
  3. “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band. Sung by Carl, Rachel, Puck and Quinn.
  4. “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks. Sung by Holly Holliday with Santana and Brittany.
  5. “Animal” by Neon Trees. Sung by Dalton Academy Warblers.

Glee airs Tuesdays on Fox. Photo: Fox

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