The new New Directions finally started to take hold in this Glee season 4 episode.

Somewhere during this episode of Glee, I started to give the new kids a chance. (No, it might not help that many feel their awfully like the old kids…)

Even the established New Directions got a tiny bit more screen time. Blaine was featured, and it wasn’t only about him and Kurt. We also saw some great Blaine and Sam (Slaine.)

But I am worried about the Seniors. Instead of any of them getting to be “The New Rachel” it seems the Freshmen are taking center stage. Tina’s attitude has become incredibly bratty, we hardly see Brittany without Santana, and where’s Artie half the time? Instead of letting the Seniors take center stage, Glee seems to be saying that certain types of characters will always be side-kicks.

  • PROS
  • Marley has an actual problem in knowing whether she likes Ryder or Jake. The answer isn’t obvious.
  • The superhero gag was amazing. Campy but fun!
  • Slaine!
  • I’m interested to see how the Kitty/Marley friendship plays out.
  • The red shirt homage to the first Journey performance! I am starting to care about the new group, believing in them. Plus, that Fun song is so catchy and empowering.
  • My 90’s teen self swoons for that R.E.M cover of “I Am Superman.”
  • Finn tasting coffee.
  • Finn in a sweater vest.
  • The fireplace flare and cat close-up during Blaine’s trip to Dalton!


Glee Season 4 Episode 7 Review

Photo Credit: FOX