The boy can sing. And act.  And have you seen his face?

It was impossible not to want to sing Matt Bomer’s praises after his performance in the season 3 Glee episode, “Big Brother.” He exposed his comedic acting chops as he played Cooper Anderson (heh) and then piled on the charm as she sang with those God-gven pipes. It’s hard to believe everyone isn’t watching his show, White Collar on the USA Network.

A nod must be given to Darren Criss, whose light didn’t dim in the presence of Bomer. If anything, we’re seeing new layers for this character. And the short moment where Kurt (Chris Colfer) presented his boyfriend, Blaine, with a stuffed animal dog (that he made talk) reminded us why we love this pairing.

Meanwhile, Finn and Rachel are having a hard time staying together with the reality of life. Finn wants to pursue his own life, while Rachel wants him to adhere to her plans. We don’t think this pair will stay engaged past season four, sorry guys!

Finally, there’s Quinn (Dianna Agron.) Will she walk again? We don’t know. But in the meantime, her scenes make us cry, we love her with Artie, and we will never text while driving again.

What did you think of this episode?

Glee Big Brother Review