Can you have a Merry Christmas without registering the not so merry parts? This episode of Glee posed the question and spent 40 minutes exploring their answer.

Glee Review – Season 3 – Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Rachel as Kim Kardashian

Sometime’s there’s an awkward moment where you realize you’re a bit too much like one of these characters in an unflattering way. I never want to believe I’m too pushy like Rachel, but I have to admit that when it comes to Christmas lists I have always, always been a bit too controlling. Just like Rachel, I’m guilty of printing out lists with 15 items and then saying “pick any 5!” (Because that makes it easier for people and the gift will still be a surprise!)  I also love to receive a list in return to shop from. But I can understand why people don’t like that.

Rory Honors the King

So, I finally understood the appeal of Damian McGinty after hearing him sing “Blue Christmas.” Even though his song was totally depressing (as was pointed out to him) it was very well sung. Of course, my Mom announced to me that the song wasn’t much like Elvis. But I’ll take what I can get. At least he finally got some decent screen time instead of just sitting in the background.

Artie is a Hipster Fanboy
Who knew Artie was kind of a closet nerd-meets-fanboy? He loves Star Wars (he dreams about Chewbacca) and he also loves The Judy Garland Christmas Special.

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Rachel Berry Does Joni Mitchell

Her in that green dress? Are you kidding, to quote Rachel Zoe, I die! But didn’t she just complain that she didn’t want sad songs, and instead wanted pageantry stuff? The song works thematically for her character, but it was an odd song choice for her when she just told Rory to cool it on the sad stuff. When Artie confronts her about this, Rachel says of Joni: “She’s not depressing, she’s emotional!” Okay, okay.

Original Song

Okay, it was a bit odd that everyone suddenly knew the words to this song when Rachel and Blaine started singing it. I bet some people watching assumed it was a popular song that they just didn’t know. I tend to do that a lot with this show. What can I say, I’m not always as hip as I wish. I want to be angry with Glee for making up their own songs, but I can’t. And there are two reasons why. First off, their original songs don’t suck. (Of course, I prefer the comical ones like Trouty Mouth even more than the earnest  ones.) Secondly, it costs a hell of a lot to use established songs. With this song, I also really enjoyed how cheery it was. So, boom, there’s actually three reasons this time.

Blaine and Kurt in Black and White

Their voices are like buttah. It reminded me of classic Hollywood stuff.  Great use was made out of that set, too. “Welcome to our bachelor chalet.” It was a bold move to make so much of the episode in black and white, but I personally think it worked. I also really loved the affected acting done by Darren Criss, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer.

Finn as Luke Skywalker and Puck as Han Solo

Well, it just makes sense. Bonus points for the lines about copyright infringement. However, maybe it’s because I’m not enough of a SW fan, but I thought Finn was dressed like a ninja at first.


Despite wondering if Sue would really forgive everyone, why Jane Lynch wants us to buy Barnes and Noble’s Nook,  feeling storyline irks about Quinn, and if the show ever plans to use more of Emma (Jayma Mays) ever again… I just let go of all of those issues and saw all the kids and listened to the song and got teary. Despite the little problems Glee sometimes suffers from, the end result is something special. Which is why Gleeks never say die.

The Cheerios as Rockettes

I have long been a major fan of the song “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses, so I feel like Brittany and Santana really rocked it. The routine and cute costumes didn’t hurt.

A Star Named Finn

I love that people are still buying stars even though it’s dumb, and that Finn named it after himself instead of Rachel.