Glee season 3 gave us a shiny and sparkling Christmas episode. Despite its’ flaws, it was a genuine heart warmer. Below you’ll find a recap of the best Glee quotes from this episode.

Glee Season 3 Recap “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

“Wheels. Porcelain. Other gay.” – Sue

Sue can get away with a lot. She also later called Blaine “Young Burt Reynolds” which was a step up in nicknames.

“Holy crap, I’m dating Kim Kardashian.” – Finn

Well, a little bit, yea. Ambition? Check. Great, glossy hair? Check.

“And then I said to Justin Timberlake, that’s not eggnog.” – Kurt

Eggnog has too many calorie to enjoy. Is this Kurt’s ideal person, then?

Glee Season 3 Review – Holy Crap, I’m Dating Kim Kardashian

“This year is a whole new spring of mistletoe.” – Mr. Schuester

Why does Mr. Schuester always have the dumbest things to say?

“The hell?” – Puck upon hearing there will be no yuletide log special airing

It only takes two words to make me love Puck.

“You’re like a modern day Tiny Tim. Oh, I am sorry. Tiny Tim could walk.” – Mr. B about Artie

I struggle to be PC, too.

“It’s not Christmas without Chewbacca, Artie.” – Wookie to Artie via dream

We don’t have to take his word for that, either.

“I’m rebooting Frosty.” – Artie

Gotta respect someone with a vision.

“You gave me a dead pig for Christmas?” – Rachel Berry Quotes
“No, it’s not dead yet. You have to fatten it up first.” – Finn
“I’m vegan.” – Rachel

As usual, Rachel is pushing it.

“Brav-ho, ho, ho, ho.” – Rachel

Silly fun.

“We’re just going to make them happy with our glamorous Christmas cheer.” – Rachel

But of course! Rachel was unlikeable in this episode until the very end. It can get a bit predictable.