If a Christmas-themed Glee episode can’t put a smile on your face this year, then you might be doomed to have a miserable holiday. …Just sayin’!

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Glee “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” Summary

Directed by Matthew Morrison. New Directions celebrates the holidays, and the group is faced with a dilemma when offered the opportunity to perform at two different events that are scheduled at the exact same time.

Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan (Damian McGinty) suffers from homesickness, and bonds with Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet), who is also away from his family. Chewbacca makes an appearance in a tribute to Christmas specials of old. “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” airs Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011.

Glee Season 3 Pictures

Glee has Chewbacca. I know!

Sue is actually being nice for once.

Mercedes looks very stylish in this episode.

Blaine and Kurt want to have a happy holiday. So Sebastian better stay away.

Hmm, wonder if they’re… could they be… singing?! Gasp.

Mercedes looks sad. No, not just sad, forlorn! Even though her dress matches the ornaments so well!

Kurt and Blaine exchange gifts. What did Blaine give to Kurt?!

Don’t you love Rachel’s red dress with the little bows, and Quinn’s polka dot dress? So sweet. Check ModCloth for similar Glee fashion to these, I’m sure you’ll find something there! (Everything there is quirky and cute.)

Finn and Rachel are kind of adorable.

Photos: Adam Rose / FOX

Glee airs Tuesdays on Fox.