Glee season 3 opens with a slew of new music you’ll want to download from itunes and pop onto your ipods.

Glee Season 3 episode 1 on FOX

The Purple Piano Project Summary: Glee season 3 kicks off with Will assigning the glee clubbers a new project which will help them get back on track after losing at nationals last year. Sue sets off a new project as well: running for office in a congressional campaign with a focus on getting arts out of schools. Guest Stars: LaMarcus Tinker as Marcus and Vanessa Lengies as Sugar Motta.

Glee Song List for The Purple Piano Project:

Glee Cast – We Got the Beat (The Go-Go’s)
Blaine – It’s Not Unusual (Tom Jones)
Glee Cast – You Can’t Stop the Beat (from Hairspray)
Pendleton – Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do
Rachel and Kurt – Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (from The Wizard of Oz)

What are your favorite Glee quotes and Glee songs from this episode?