The 8 highlights of Glee “Dance with Somebody.”

The opening song (“How Will I Know”) was absolute perfection, and I’m not one who uses that word often.
Even the dresses the girls wore for their spotlight’s were 100% perfect for their characters and the scene. It’s funny that Santana doesn’t like disco because her dress had that kind of vibe… I digress!

Emma’s pamphlets in this episode were as great as they always are.
I especially liked that she referenced how affected she was by Princess Diana’s death in 1997. I remember being in high school speech class then, and everyone was giving their speeches on abortion and how the paparazzi were evil because of Princess Di. (Seriously, I sat through 20 speeches on that.)

Glee Season 3 Recap- The Three Low Points of “Dance with Somebody”

Kurt’s hippo-headed brooch was so wonderful and weird that I immediately would like to find one of my own.
You could easily make your own, too. (The guy in the record store was way too friendly… random’s are never that nice unless they’re on drugs.)

There was a small moment during Brittany’s “Wanna Dance with Somebody” performance where Quinn’s face falls to realize everyone else is getting up and dancing but her.
It was such a small moment, but said everything to remind us how Quinn felt.

The choreography in the above-mentioned song was really great, and worth a re-watch.
I’m watching it now, matter-o-fact!

Quinn and Joe’s romance is sweet and I love what a good Christian he is.
I also appreciate that Joe is nothing like Quinn’s type. But maybe when she went to college she’d meet a hippie dude like this and that’s her destiny.

Finn was mouthing along to the words of “So Emotional.”
And that just made me laugh.

Glee Quotes, of course!
“Wasabi is the new seafoam.” I put them all in here >> Glee season 3 quotes.