It’s time to talk about sex in the gleek way!

glee sexy

Emma: “Celibacy ladies, dig it!”

Finn: “Wait, cucumbers can give you aids?”
Mercedes: “Seriously. Because I just had one on my salad.”

Holly Holiday: “I’m off to have crazy sex – because I’m crazy informed about it.”

Holly Holiday: “Didn’t you ever read Jessica Seinfelds cookbook?”

Holly Holiday: “Sex. It’s just like hugging. Only wetter.”

Brittany: “I get my information from woody woodpecker cartoons.”

Holly Holiday: “So, just remember, whenever you have sex with someone you’re having sex with everyone they’ve ever had sex with. And everybody’s got a random.”

Blaine: “The Warblers gotta do something sexified.”

Kurt: “I have about as much sex appeal and knowledge as a…baby penguin!”

Holly: “Welcome to my sacred, sexy, sharing circle.”

Santana: “I made out with a mannequin.”

Emma: “A nooner’s’ when you have dessert in the middle of the day, right?”

Emma: “Afternoon delight is a dessert. It’s made with coconut and marshmallow fluff.”

Holly: “My lips are sealed. Just like your legs.”

Emma: “We’ve watched the Housewives shows, which are so, so racy!”

Santana: “Brittany, I can’t go to an Indigo Girls’ concert, I just can’t.”

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