Betcha didn’t anticipate seeing people dressed up like bulls, dancing to an Elvis song. Let’s talk about Glee.

Glee Review “The Spanish Teacher”

The musical numbers were varied. By this I mean they ranged from incredible (“La Isla Bonita”) to passable (“A Little Less Conversation” if only for the WTF factor the bulls gave.) I’m really, really tired of hearing “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO, but it was fun to watch. Chord Overstreet made me love “Hero” again, which seemed an impossible feat after I watched that music video (with Jennifer Love Hewitt) like 500 times one day.

Ricky Martin was a real treat, though. I’d written him off as someone from the 90’s, but he’s come back into my life via Glee and been handsome, witty, and generally amazing. I think I shall keep him!

Let’s talk more about Ricky Martin, shall we? I have a small note that probably means nothing, but how come really attractive guys who go on Glee end up having an issue about teeth. Is Ryan Murphy obsessed with dental hygiene? First there was John Stamos, and now Ricky Martin.

Mr. Schuester is a horrible Spanish teacher who can’t speak the language. What does Sue Sylvester teacher aside from being a Cheerios coach? Gym? The idea that you can go and teach anything based on what is available is a major myth. Even for small Ohio schools. If anything, it may be insulted to imply that someone like Will could almost be tenured in a job he’s not qualified for. Will should be teaching choir, not history or anything else. And if he needs to do better in Spanish, he should be teaching his class to sing, not the Glee club. There are too many inaccuracies to correct. So let’s talk about Will’s better half.

Emma got tenure, seemed confident in who she was and her strengths (being subtly funny!) so she was very appealing in this episode. Anyone who calls themselves “Professor Dollhouse” gets an A+. I just don’t know what Emma see’s in Will. He’s very egotistical and centered on himself. (I.e. “What’s genius, my plan for regional s?” Obviously the show is aware of this.)

Kurt knocked some sense into Finn about his marriage proposal to Rachel. (Seriously, any girl so young she’s wearing braided pigtails while she tells you of her impending nuptials is too young to have them!) In choosing Rachel the way he did, Finn is really giving up on himself and anything he could bring to the table. I’ve never been a big fan of the Rachel/Finn romance and that definitely doesn’t sell me on it.

It’s ironic that Mercedes wears a huuuge necklace that says “love” when she doesn’t know who she loves. Or something. (Mostly I just wanted to comment on how big that necklace was.) The Sam/Mercedes storyline was cute, although I find myself wondering why I find Chord Overstreet so much more attractive these days, and what happened to bring him back. The rumors were about how he wanted more money so he left, so did he just shrug and return anyway? We haven’t seen enough of a reason for why Mercedes is with her boyfriend, Bubba, so it seems plain to views that she should leave him for Sam. I need more struggle! (I hardly ever say that!)

After the Valentine’s Day episode (Rachel’s gay Dad’s, finally!) we have 7 weeks of no Glee. Gah! Is this an episode you will re-watch?