Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) have had several unofficial diva-off’s on the Glee. But in the episode “Asian F” they had a very official diva-off to see who would be cast as Maria in the school production of “West Side Story”. In the course of this episode, neither character came off as particularly charming.

On Glee Rachel and Mercedes had a "Diva-Off"

Rachel was quick to offer insincere hugs of superiority to Mercedes, as long as she was confident that Mercedes would lose. The idea of not getting the part, of not being the star was unfathomable to her. Even when being double-cast, Rachel aggressive pre-accepted all of the prime evening performances. She would not share the spotlight without knowing she was the actual star. No one ever taught Rachel how to share. And then, as though that weren’t enough, she decided to run against her BFF Kurt for student council president. Even when she learned that she was cast as Maria, she still decided to run.

Mercedes found should could only believe in herself by taking a firm stance against Rachel. Rather than accept the generous offer of letting Maria be doublecast, Mercedes declined to participate at all. Then she defected from New Directions to join the other Glee club. That doesn’t sound entirely bad, but her lazy, bad attitude the entire way through was argumentative, stubborn and unpleasant. She was late to “booty camp” without feeling remorseful, and then kept complaining about having to work. (Unless she’s pregnant, there’s not an excuse.) The way she mouthed off to Mr. Schuester would not be tolerated by any real teacher, even though her stance up against “The Rachel Berry Show” was something that many viewers could agree with Mercedes on.

This leaves us wondering… given all this evidence… which of these two characters felt more unsympathetic on in Glee “Asian F”? Who was Rachel worse, or Mercedes? And who sang better?!