Below are the top 15 Glee Quotes from “Big Brother.” Matt Bomer guest starred as Cooper Anderson.

# 1 Hey Mercedes, who ya texting? – Sue Sylvester Quotes
I’m not texting anyone I’m donating to the Obama fund… – Mercedes

That lie almost worked. So close!

#2 You’re nothing but a coven of tardy, narcissistic bloated bags of cellulite. – Glee quotes Sue Sylvester season 3

That’s not encouraging, Sue!

#3 Help us. Coach Sue’s meaner than Tabatha. – E-mail from Kurt


#4 Keep on dreaming. Yours, Cooper Anderson. – Cooper’s autograph

That’s a long autograph, Cooper.

#5 You sir, are a Disney Prince. – Sue Sylvester

Like Zachary Levi!

#6 Blaine, your brother’s the best looking man in North American. – Kurt

He’s a true fanboy.

#7 It’s springtime, I would like to see something give birth. – Brittany Quotes

Brittany says what we all think. Sometimes.

#8 My accident does not define me. – Quinn Fabray Quotes

Leave it to Quinn to deliver some of the most powerful quotes of the episode.

#9 Cardigan’s coming off! – Cooper Anderson Quotes

#10 Things are serious, a man in a dress is dead! – Cooper Anderson

#11 Let’s move on to a little exercise I like to call emotion tornado. – Cooper Anderson

#12 Please don’t ask me which celebrity is the father of my baby. – Glee quotes sue sylvester season 3

#13 At the end of the day, we’re in each others corners. – Kurt

Like siblings have to be.

glee quotes season 3 episode 15

#14 Screw Optimus Prime. – Blaine Anderson Quotes

#15 Hold on a sec, I want to remember this emotion so I can use it in a scene some day. – Cooper

#16 (bonus) I want you to be sure you’re in love with me and not who you want me to be. – Finn

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