Now that we’re about halfway through Glee season 2, we still have plenty of questions that haven’t been answered. What gives, Ryan Murphy? Here are our top ten questions about Glee that haven’t been answered yet.

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Top Ten Glee Questions

10. Is every dress the girls wear for dance numbers going to be made by Betsey Johnson?

9. Will Sunshine Corazon from the season 2 premiere show up again on the show?

8. Mercedes and Quinn were pretty close friends in season 1 of Glee, but how did they get along while living together, and are they still friends?

7. Is Emma’s upcoming marriage a rushed sham? Is she preggo? Will she get a divorce? Was all of that inevitable, meaning no one really cares about this marriage?

6. Is Quinn destined for Sam again, or Finn? Or Puck? Hey, don’t call her a slut!

5. Any chance of a re-appearance of Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James? I mean, is that all we get of him? Rachel needs more closure, right?

4. Will Kurt return to McKinley High?

3. Will Puck really enjoy dating Lauren Zizes or is it just a phase?

2. Quinn and Puck’s baby – will we ever see it? What if it’s a prodigy?

1. Will they pursue the effects Quinn has dealt with having given up her baby? She has to have feelings about it! Plus, how did Quinn lose her baby fat so quickly? She should have blogged it.

Note: I’m spoiler free, so these questions are all valid since the show hasn’t answered them yet!

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